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Product Name : Evo Shower Gel 

Description : No shower is complete without the refeshing and calming of EVO shower gel. Your skin will benefit from the goodness from the natural extracts. This gentle body wash is suitable for all skin types. Have a clean floral scent reminiscent of morning blossoms and soft tropical breeze. Natural emoligents, anti-oxidants and conditioners combined to clean your skin and condition it to silky softness.  

Packing : 1000ML x 12 bottles/carton 

20FCL Load : 1000 cartons 

Flagrance : Goat's milk , Lavender , Royal Jelly , Pamelo , Green Tea. Others available upon request
Origin : Malaysia 
Shelf Life : 3 years 




Product Name : Evo Handwash 

Description : Evo Goat's milk hand wash gently cleanses your delicate hands with its moisturising soap-free formula, leaving hands cleansed , free from germs and pleasantly scented.

Packing : 500ML x 24 bottles/carton 

Fragrance : Strawberry , Lavender , Goat's milk , Royal Jelly . Others available upon request 

20FCL Load : 1000 cartons 
Made : Malaysia 
Shelf Life : 3 years 


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