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When rising temperature is becoming a global phenomenon, our sustainability is at risk. Somebody has to do something. Daniel Emrick International, the company behind many of the best quality insulation materials, developed Kool Foil Insulation. Kool Foil Insulation covers a range of high quality aluminum foil which is used for heat insulation purposes. Without Kool Foil Insulation under a metal roof, the temperature could get up to 60C; however, compared with a metal roof equipped with Kool Foil Insulation, the temperature can drop to 33C. This is an amazing result and thank to Kool Foil Insulation. It reflects 95% of the radiant heat without absorbing the heat into the material.This can be translated into a big saving as the usage of air-conditioning and other cooling systems decreases, and there is also no maintenance fee to pay. Our customers can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle and save the environment at the same time. Kool Foil is the latest reflective insulation technology manufactured and certified by PSB Singapore. Kool-Foil Insulation is widely used in tropical countries. Under stringent quality control, our manufacturing facilities are located in multiple locations conveniently targeting different markets in the region.

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